Model: Suzy Mae

Model: Suzy Mae

About Alisha Trimble


Alisha Trimble is a New York-based women's wear designer. With a decade of experience creating ready to wear and custom clothing, her often-conceptual original work is conceived through a visionary process. 

What is ethical fashion? 

While there is no perfect process, the definition of ethical fashion continues to evolve. Here at the atelier, we develop zero-waste techniques, obtain materials from eco-friendly sources, as well as locally cut and sew our garments. 

Why do I pre-order?

We keep our waste to a minimum, and part of that responsibility means resisting the pressure to over-produce inventory simply to engage impulse-driven consumer culture. It is our preference to create beautiful items of lasting value, with a discerning process. The resulting long lead time opens up a dialogue about the individual's preferences, sharing the creative process.